About Midea CAC

Midea Commercial Air Conditioner —— To Be a Comprehensive Climate Solutions Provider  

Midea Commercial Air Conditioner (MCAC) is a division of the Midea Group  founded in 1968. It was established in 1999 and manufactured the first VRF in China in year 2000. With inverter driven residential and commercial air conditioning equipment and controls, Midea is among the world’s largest volume electric motor, compressor and HVAC manufacturers with 17 domestic and 12 overseas manufacturing bases. And seven of them are particularly for commercial air-conditioners.  

At present, MCAC is a leading supplier of commercial products, underpinned by a mature marketing, sales, and project design framework. 

Midea Group is a # 335 company of Forbes' list of the world's 2000 largest public companies and a # 450 company of Fortune 2015 with revenue in excess of $ 24 billion in 2016 and more than 130,000 employees worldwide, making it the one of the largest global air conditioning company.  

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MCAC Manufacturing Bases 


MCAC Shunde 

MCAC Shunde base mainly manufactures nearly all the range of DX AC and small to medium chillers covering VRF, rooftops package, precision A/C, air-cooled scroll chiller, heat pump water heater and large split AC(>18kW). Shunde base is also the headquarters for CAC R&D, manufacturing center, quality control department and sales company. 

One of the largest VRF manufacturing bases in the world 

7 production shops 

38 production lines 

3 million sets manufacturing capacity 

MCAC Chongqing 

MCAC Chongqing base has 5 advanced workshops and 14 production lines. Yearly manufacturing capability: 400 units for centrifugal chiller, 4000 units for screw chiller, and 11000 units for scroll chiller. The performance testing stand for water cooled chiller 8800kW is the largest one in Asia right now and AHRI certified. The 8800kW compressor motor testing lab is the most advanced motor performance testing center in China. 

One of the largest chiller manufacturing bases in the world 

4 production shops 

400 units centrifugal chiller manufacturing capability 

4000 units screw water chiller (Air cooled +Water cooled) 

190,000 units of terminals(AHU+FCU) 

MCAC Hefei 

Hefei base was set up in 2011; it is now the biggest CAC manufacturing base in China, currently catering solely for the domestic market. The yearly output is 4.0 billion RMB (about 700 million USD). 

MCAC Sales Turnover