ErP Documentation for Lot 1 (Space heaters and combination heaters), Lot 2 (Water heaters), LOT 10 (Air Conditioning), LOT 11 (Fans), and Lot 6 and 10 (Ventilation)

Seasonal efficiency is a new way of rating heating and cooling products based on their energy efficiency over an entire year.

Seasonal efficiency is set out by the EU's Energy Related Products Directive (Eco-Design Directive) which specifies the minimum Eco-Design requirements that manufacturers must integrate into their energy-using products.

For air-conditioning systems, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) value in cooling, and the Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance (SCOP) value in heating both indicate a heat pumps true energy consumption.

For space heating systems, the efficiency (ηS) value is used to compare the space heating efficiency of systems like gas boilers and hydronic heat pumps. In the case of heat pump, the efficiency equals the Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance (SCOP) divided by the conversion coefficient in primary energy set as 2,5 by the RES directive. The water heating efficiency (ηWH) also indicates the performance of combination heaters when producing DHW.

Midea products are designed to maximize seasonal efficiency rather than conventional rated efficiency. By choosing higher SEER/SCOP value products, consumers can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and the amount of energy consumed which in turn saves money. The new energy labeling indicates seasonal efficiency classes as B, A, A+, A++ and A+++ which is the highest level of efficiency over an entire year*.

*A++ is the highest level of efficiency for space heating and A for domestic hot water for Lot 1 space heater and combination heater labels until 2019.