Midea CAC-The Biggest Winner for 2018 Russia Sports Games


The 2018 Russia World Cup will be coming in less than 1 year and it is the first time that the World Cup will be held in Eastern European countries. Also, it is the second time that World Cup will land in Europe since first held in Germany in 2006. 


As the last of tendering processes wrapped up and the final announcement was made, Midea Commercial Air Conditioner became the biggest winner by supplying HVAC solutions for 7 out of 12 official stadiums. This was the second time that Midea as HAVC solution provider will enter World Cup projects, the first time was in Brazil in 2014. 


As the global HVAC industry leader and premium supplier for integrated building solutions, Midea CAC provided V5 X series VRF, water-cooled screw chiller as well as fan coil units with the most comprehensive service and world-leading technologies and quality.  


The large venues always put high requirements on energy saving, Midea V5X series VRF being used at various venues boasts a high operational efficiency with low energy consumption, thanks to its advanced direct current (DC) inverter technology, precision refrigerant control, energy-saving heat transfer, and powerful low-temperature heating technologies. The COP is up to 5.6 and EER is up to 4.7 at 8HP category. 


Besides, Midea water-cooled screw chiller is a classic product that operates on a flooded type evaporator and a high efficiency twin-rotor screw compressor which ensure the operation in an extreme stable and reliable condition. Optimized system design and enhanced heat exchange efficiency ensure the units work perfectly under both full load and part load.